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Banned Scripts

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The following scripts are banned due to these scripts causing harm to other sites on the same server.

- AlienForm (all versions)
- Greymatter (all versions)
- Open Webmail
- Ikonboard (all versions)
- IRC Egg Drops & IRC related programs.
- Chat software.
- lstmrge.cgi
- Proxy Servers & Scripts (EX: nph-proxy)
- Shell, SSH, Telnet Scripts and Shell, SSH, Telnet Alternatives (
- The Anonymizer
- UltimateBBS (all versions)
- YABB + YABB se (all versions)
- Any script that uses & processes a massive number of flatfiles or large flatfile databases.

If we find banned scripts active in your account, we will suspend your account and disable or remove the offending script and send you an email notifying you of our actions.

If you are worried about a script you intend to use, please send a ticket into the help desk with as much detail on how the script functions and anything else you feel we should know about the script. Please do not ask us if 'Script X' is ok without providing any information on the script. There are thousands if not millions of scripts available and there are only a few of those we may be familiar with.

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