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Refunds and what will happen if I claim an illegal chargeback?

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All payments to (Internetcomealive, Inc.) are non refundable if service is rendered. If you use our service we expect to be paid. All charge backs will be sent to the account holders credit card company with proof of service's. You will be charged a minimum amount of $100.00 for filing a fraudulent charge back. This is our administration charge for handling the charge back. All charge backs will be turned over to our collection agency and this will affect your credit rating. We take charge backs serious and will not tolerate fraudulent charge backs.

If you feel like you need a refund for some reason. Send us an email and let us know. We record all IP's for possible proof to a credit card company along with all logs. Fruadulent chargebacks are illegal and we will send all information requested by your credit card company.

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